Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) training in English

As a Product Owner or stakeholder, you want to deliver the most valuable user stories every time. In our Certified Scrum Product Owner training you will learn how to do that. What is a good product vision? How do you create a story map with stakeholders? How to keep the product backlog clear? How do you organize backlog refinement? How can you best prioritize the product backlog? How to manage your stakeholders?

After the training you will receive the CSPO certificate from the Scrum Alliance.

Cost: € 1695,– ex. VAT, including material, registration as Certified Scrum Master and 2 years of membership with the Scrum Alliance, beverages, coffee, tea, and lunch.

The training is given in English.

Location: Van der Valk hotel Breukelen

Highly recommended
I had the opportunity of attending Marco's training for Certified Scrum Product Owner. He is a knowledgeable person and enthusiastic speaker; always managing to come up with valid examples for our questions, as well as to illustrate key Scrum concepts, he kept the audience engaged for the duration of the 2 days and made the training a very nice experience. I highly recommend Marco's trainings to whoever is interested in learning more about Scrum related topics.
Vlad Tufis - Mobile Developer at Clay Solutions B.V.
I went back with many ideas to put into practice
It is amazing how Marco manages to make the role of a product owner come alive in a training course through a series of clever examples and intricate role playing games. After his two day course, I went back with many ideas to put into practice and take the product team a few notches forward. It is rare to find instructors like Marco
Kevin J Vella - Head of Customer Experience at Betsson Group
Very interesting to attend
I attended a Product Owner Certification Course (Scrum Alliance) which Marco hosted as instructor. He has a lot of experience in the Agile/Scrum area and his personality and communication skills made these two days very interesting to attend. Especially he is able to 'map' the theory on actual cases / questions (daily work) of the course participants. I for sure recommend Marco when in a project or at a certain company is a need for an agile / Scrum coach.
Patrick Burger - Managing partner at Diretto Omnichannel Communication
Jeff Sutherland: "I strongly recommend Marco Mulder as a Scrum Trainer"
For the past several years I have worked with Marco Mulder leading Certified ScrumMaster courses in the Netherlands. Marco has an excellent understanding of Scrum and has deep knowledge of XP engineering practices. Marco has also been a ScrumMaster, as well as team member, on hyper productive distributed teams. In addition to his work with Scrum training and consulting, Marco has taken on leadership in the Agile Netherlands community and helped expand its membership and its focus on Scrum.
Jeff Sutherland, Ph.D. Chairman, Scrum Training Institute
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The training itself is a Scrum project!

The content of our two-day CSPO training is partly determined by the specific challenges of the participants in their own organization. Many participants already have experience as Product Owner, but also without experience the training can be followed perfectly. We use Scrum to train Scrum. Participants go through two sprints of a Scrum project including prioritization, estimating user stories, sprint planning and burn-down. Participants group their learning objectives in groups that form the basis for the planning of the sprints. In this way we optimally match the training needs of the participants. In addition, we demonstrate Scrum in action. Of course there is plenty of room for discussion and for dealing with specific questions, such as:

  • Approach work with an Agile mindset
  • Scrum roles and responsibilities
  • Stakeholder mapping and stakeholder management
  • Identify stakeholders' objectives
  • Create a storymap and product backlog
  • Create user stories
  • Backlog refinement with Product Owner, stakeholders and team
  • Prioritizing a product backlog based on requests from multiple stakeholders
  • Several techniques for effectively getting estimates for product backlog items from a team
  • How to get a grip on longer the term planning of releases
  • How to deal with real world PO challenges

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Zilverline has trained and coached thousands of people and hundreds of companies. From the boardroom to the work floor.
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Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) are Scrum Alliance certified.
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Together with co-founder of Scrum Jeff Sutherland, Zilverline has made the first companies in the Netherlands Agile.
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2 trainers for a group of maximally 20 participants, using many interactive exercises.
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Our trainers / coaches are originally developers and have been active at management level. They know the practice very well with all of her challenges.
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