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Searching for inspiring work in a fantastic team?

Are you done with working in a team of isolated islands? Curious what the customer looks like in real life? Want to be part of creating and developing the best solution for the customer's needs and do you value high quality software?

What we offer

  • Challenging projects and products, like our own products Jortt and Thinka. Or the largest Dutch mobility platform Reisbalans.
  • Enthusiastic, experienced colleagues who are eager to learn. At Zilverline we all share the drive to create the best possible solutions for our customers.
  • An inspiring location with the beautiful view of the IJ river and Amsterdam.
  • Fridays are different. We do not work for our customers, we are all at the office. We explore new product ideas and technologies. Jortt and Thinka are successful examples. Want to experiment with Internet of Things, Terraform, the latest TypeScript 4.5 version or do field research for a new product idea? Go ahead! We want you to keep on top of things. We end the day with a demo and drinks on our rooftop terrace!
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Who are we looking for?

Our current stack

  • Ruby

    Rails, Sinatra

    Ruby logo

    Ruby on Rails is our long time favorite web development framework. We have an impressive track-record developing business critical applications using Rails.

    We are also a big fan of CQRS and Event Sourcing. Our open source Event Sourcing library Sequent has over 300 ⭐s on GitHub.

  • JavaScript

    React.js, Redux, Node, Webpack

    JavaScript logo

    We all work with JavaScript on a daily basis. We love React since it was first released and we frequently use Node.js as backend in our projects.

    We value open source. Our react-tag-event-plugin was millions of times before it was integrated into React.js.

  • DevOps

    Ansible, Terraform, Docker

    Ansible logo

    Infrastructure is code. Provisioning, scaling, maintenance and upgrades are all automated. Our preferred platform is AWS.

    Builds should be fast and reliable. Deployments are automatic of with a push off the button.

  • Mobile apps

    React Native, iOS

    React logo

    React Native is increasingly our technology of choice for mobile development. It enables us to create a single app for iOS and Android with 99% code re-use.

    If React Native is not sufficient we all know how to write native components for iOS and Android.

Still here? Send us an e-mail with your resume.